About us

About Us

We are UK based bed linen manufacturers. Our focus is on bringing you the very best bed linen around at low prices while at the same time giving you a great customer experience. We really do care about what you think (because we want you to come back to us) and genuinely appreciate any comments you want to make.

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Here is a brief description of the products that we sell!

Pregnancy Bolster pillow / body pillow:

Sleeping on your side might be more comfortable during pregnancy. You can try supporting your bump with pillows, and put a pillow between your knees. Towards the end of pregnancy, as your bump becomes heavy, you might find it more comfortable to prop yourself up with pillows so that you're almost in a sitting position. Our Bolster pillows are specially designed in such a way that you can use them to cuddle support your bump or support your back. Our bolster pillows are available in 5 lengths - 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot and 4.5 foot. They are machine washable and non allergic. More importantly the cheapest price you could ever get in the market!


The Comfort-U pillow / Pregnancy u pillow:

The Comfort-U Body Support Pillow is perfect for health care settings where more sedentary individuals require additional support. It provides head, neck, back, and leg comfort to eliminate the need for extra pillows at various pressure points. Comfort-U offers therapeutic comfort for the entire body, "molding" itself to fit the individual needs of each patient. Most of the pregnant women find the pillow very useful because of the excellent body support it provides to sleep on both the sides without changing the pillow positions. It also supports while breast feeding. Our comfort u pillow comes in two different sizes 9 foot and 12 foot. They have a hollow fibre filling to support your back and bump and outer material is made of hypoallergic polypropylene which are non allergic. More importantly the cheapest price you could ever get in the market!


Mattress protector:

Like it or not the average adult sweats around a pint of moisture every night, meaning that as well as allergens like dust mites, animal hairs and dead skin cells lying dormant in mattresses to irritate conditions such as asthma and eczema, things like natural perspiration can seep in and leave that tell-tale yellow tidemark that often never comes back out. This is where a mattress protector comes in. Doing what it says on the tin, mattress protectors form a barrier around your mattresses to protect against everything from stains to allergens, thereby prolonging their life. It’s a true piece of investment bedding, promoting enduring quality, hygiene, comfort and reliability in all mattresses.
Fitted mattress protectors simply tuck around mattresses like a bottom sheet, making them a quick and easy bedding item to change when time is scarce.


How do we make the cheapest pregnancy pillows in the market?:

  1. We manufacture our goods in our factory with best efficiency.
  2. We know where to buy the best quality good at price seem impossible to other.
  3. Bulk purchase.
  4. Few workers.
  5. Effective logistic team.
  6. Bulk shipping discount.